Ruthu Sandesh – Nature’s Message – Collection of Nature Poems

About the book

What started as a mere way to express my love for nature became an obsession at one point of my life, when I used to pen more than four poems a day. Time spent outdoors observing and sketching the various terrains, seasons, species inspired me to take up writing for the simple joy of it.

Since 2001 after losing a poetry contest, Prasad took poetry seriously and as penned few hundred nature poems. This book is a pick of 40 of his best poems with complimenting intricate pen illustrations.

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ISBN: 9789353826925

Publisher: Self Published

Number of Pages: 58

Dimensions: 6.00″x9.00″

Interior Pages: B&W

Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)


Chief Guest of “Safarnama 2020”

Chief Guest of Safarnama 2020, the annual cultural fest at Christ University, Bangalore, India.

7th December 2020. Image credits: Raunak Sah

Chief Guest of “Celebrate Nature”

Chief Guest of Celebrate Nature, the “Celebrate Nature” Morning dedicated to celebrating World Sparrow Day, World Water Day and World Forestry Day. Releasing of Postcrossing Meetup Postcard.
Chief Guest Shri.S.Rajendra Kumar(Chief Post Master General, Karnataka)
Ms.Priya Venkatesh, Traveller/Naturalist
Live Ink Demo by Shri.Prasad Natarajan,Eminent Artist

25th March 2023
Image credits: PeeVee

Chief Guest of “Drawing Competition”

Chief Guest of Drawing competition, “Return to Nature”.

Event organized by Green Circle, Rotaryclub and People’s Trust.

BMS School of Architecture, Yelahanka,Bengaluru
10th February 2024

Press Coverage

Bengaluru hosts its first competition for wildlife art

I first met Prasad Natarajan in 2014, when we attended a wildlife volunteer training program together. Even then, in the beautiful environs of Kudremukh, Karnataka, I always found him with a sketchpad and a pencil in his hands. Since then, his artwork, especially on the theme of wildlife, has become quite well known. He is not afraid of using the most difficult and unforgiving of art media, such as Indian ink (lampblack collected in a container and mixed with grease, and applied carefully to paper.

Why this former network engineer has hosted seven exhibitions on nature and wildlife

Launched in 2014, PhotoSparks is a weekly feature from YourStory, with photographs that celebrate the spirit of creativity and innovation. In the earlier 390 posts, we featured an art festival, cartoon gallery. world music festival, telecom expo, millets fair, climate change expo, wildlife conference, startup festival, Diwali rangoli, and jazz festival.

GUEST ARTIST: “Indian Wildlife Safari” by Prasad Natarajan

My name is Prasad Natarajan and I was born in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. When I was three years old, I used to pull out flakes of paint from the wall and tell my mother there’s a goat, cow, cat or dog. That’s when my mother recognized my interest in art and encouraged me to make art. My primary school art teacher taught me to draw cats, dogs, mice and I am grateful to him for introducing me to animal art at an

An online platform of wildlife artists want to encourage the genre through exchange

In our miniatures tradition, flora and fauna occupied a place of significance. The image of a nayika with a thicket behind her longing for the nayak, with a parakeet for company, is still etched clearly in the mind. As Indian art evolved, the depiction of nature witnessed a change in its portrayal

Mr. Prasad Natarajan visits Ekya School JP Nagar

Art helps in breaking all barriers and touches everyone’s heart and language of nature is universal”. Mr. Prasad Natarajan one of India’s leading wildlife artist who is featured in one of India’s top wildlife magazine visits Ekya School JP Nagar.

Animal art show puts focus back on endangered species

While photography is the forte of several artists, not many foray into making paintings of flora and fauna. In an effort to shift focus back on animals that are on the verge of extinction as well as some exotic species, a group of artists has put together a set of small-format artworks. Currently on display at the

Prasad Natarajan talks about his love for wildlife art

Prasad Natarajan was wrapping up a bird watch at Lakkavalli, Karnataka when he spotted a lone bird perched on a wooden stump at a distance. He zoomed in with his camera.“I saw the white and brown feathers of the Ospray and almost jumped out of my skin with excitement. It was my dream to spot it and that was a moment of fulfilment. I sketched it for an hour and by the time I was done, there was a heavy downpour and the bird was gone, ” recollects the wildlife artist.

WCS - India Contest Winner felicitated

December 1, Bengaluru: Prasad Natarajan, the winner of WCS-India Wildlife Week Conservation Images Contest, was felicitated at the WCS office in Bangalore where he met and interacted with some of the staff and scientists.

A Natural History Indian Art Museum is My Life Goal

Wildlife conservationists have taken various paths to protect wildlife from undergoing extinction. One of them is wildlife art. A viewer is in awe when he looks at a sketch that is vibrant or one that conveys a million emotions. It is then that the viewer can only imagine the emotions felt by the artist which is exactly what the artist wishes to communicate. Artists bring forth scientific ideologies of nature and its conservation practices to life, and in doing so, they build a community who commit to work endlessly to provide a secure space for wildlife.

Artist Feature: Prasad

This is a brilliant question to start with. There are many influencers on my artistic journey. Foremost, my late mother, who recognized my inclination to art at 3 and encouraged me through her life. Then my primary school art teacher, Hemant Sir, who taught me to draw cats, dogs, etc. My first proper introduction to animal art was from him. As I grew up to comics from the local government library, Georges Prosper Remi illustrations from Tintin captivated my interest in story-telling illustrations. Later in my teens, search for an art mentor in the early internet era, i wrote emails to many artists all over the world.

Hoskote Lake: An Artist's Muse

Hoskote Lake is situated to the east of the town of Hoskote, about 30 km from Bangalore. The primary occupations of the villages of the region are agriculture, fishery, apiculture and horticulture. Hoskote has undergone a lot of industrialisation in recent times though, and is increasingly being touted as an extension of Bangalore thanks to its proximity. This in turn has led to rapid urbanisation, with many homes and apartments being constructed around the lake. Historically, the area has interesting Hindu and Islamic backgrounds, and is also one of the sites of the first Anglo–Mysore war.

Daily Deviation: Prasad Natarajan

Daily Deviation March 18, 2023 Mottled wood owl by Prasad-Natarajan Featured by Becky Kidus. Another charcoal study work for the Owls of India book project! There was a sighting of them in a Botanical Garden inside Bangalore, I missed that chance dearly, because of personal reasons in 2016/2018. Search for this owl took me to the jungles of Western and Central India however, they eluded me for many years. Most photographers, who were not interested in birds, saw them during their break time from watching the striped cat or the stripe-less cat.

Radio Coverage

All India Radio Bangalore “Kala Vihara” audio interview of Prasad Natarajan!

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