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“Hi! My name is Meeta Dani and I am an international artist, author, speaker and entrepreneur. I have been following Prasad Natarajan since last 2.5 years on Facebook.

His artworks, specially his pen and ink work, always fascinated me. And finally, one of his artworks was so amazing that I could not hold myself from purchasing it instantly. His pen and ink works has that old master's charm. I am now the proud owner of his original beautiful work and have also booked another one way in advance.”


Meeta Dani (Award Winning Watercolor Artist)

Author-Realistic Watercolor Unleashed Canada

When I first met Prasad, he had a sketchpad and pencil; and since then, I have rarely seen him without something to do with his artistic endeavors.

In today's competitive world, it is not easy to leave a full-time job to become a professional artist; it takes a leap of both courage and faith, both of which Prasad showed.

He reads widely, studies the work of several artists around the world, and has developed his own unique style, working in many media. His canvases sell very well indeed, with their mix of talent, technique and expressed passion.

One of the reasons why he is an unusual artist  is that rather than nurture just his own talent  (and that of his son), he has, from the beginning, been what I call an "umbrella artist"-- gathered together other artists, and worked hard to provide the struggling creators a platform where their talents can be showcased. To organize a show is not easy, and he has taken on this daunting task several times, in a pioneering effort to highlight wildlife art.

He has cannily harnessed social media to build up a circle of friends and connoisseurs worldwide. He has not hesitated to help upcoming youngsters, in a field where competition can be fierce. He has the pulse of the purchasing public, introducing innovations like a show of miniatures where the prices were pegged at Rs. 5000.

He's conducted workshops and teaching session for many children and adults, giving of his time and effort very generously. He has overcome obstacles in his life with determination...and a cheerful smile.

It's been my privilege to be his friend, and I wish him, his art, and Art for Wildlife and Nature, the very best in the years ahead.


Deepa Mohan

(Naturalist, Writer – Citizen Matters)

“The basic course by Prasad Natarajan sir is an amazing beginning for not only bird anatomy study but also for those aspiring for developing their drawing skills as an artist. The line exercises, variety of drawing methods, anatomy drawings, and a lot of practice exercises, his detailed guidance, and feedback can help someone excel in drawing abilities as well as in acquiring a good understanding of birds. Sincerity, seeking spirit and hard work on the part of the student is a must to truly get benefit out of this beautifully structured course. I believe the ability to draw is a must for any artist before learning any medium. Good drawing and painting ability together are the basic requirements of any artist and I highly recommend this course for any beginner and to those artists who want to polish their drawing skills.

I am impressed by the systematic structure of the syllabus. Prasad Natarajan Sir is most dedicated to helping the student understand better with a lot of patience. His perfectionist nature not only reflects on his artworks but also in his teaching”

Thank you so much sir for polishing my basics and teaching new skills! So grateful!!

Rosy Swetapadma,Watercolour Artist and Tutor

Bangalore, India

The Master Animal Art Techniques course is very well-structured with a smooth transition from basic to advanced topics. The techniques Prasad teaches are designed to take care of an artist's long term requirements rather than just providing short term results. From simple orientation of paper to understanding the anatomy of a bird, Prasad has put in a lot of thought in designing the course work and instructions. The insights he provided on observation of wildlife subjects also provided me a new perspective as a bird watcher and wildlife photographer. I'm eagerly looking forward to the next part of this course.


Madhusudan Hari, Wildlife Photographer,

Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Prasad Natarajan is known for his engaging paintings and painstaking ink drawings depicting the
natural world. They tell us stories of the animals and plants of his native Karnataka state, viewed
through his careful lens. They awaken us to the functioning of those rich ecosystems.
His works are celebration of life and all of its wonders. His works leaves us with an image of nature that is rich, lasting, and deeply satisfying.

Prasad is a skilled draftsman and painter whose works celebrate Asia's wildlife with a distinctive character that's all his own”


Carel P. Brest van Kempen (Awarding Winning Wildlife Artist)

Author- Rigor Vitae: Life Unyielding Salt Lake City, Utah U.S.A.

It was totally amazing to be in his class and to learn the nuances of sketching inspired by his brilliant work. The knowledge he shares is an eye-opener for me. He goes into the basics and breaks down even the complicated subjects into simple lines and shapes.

There are regular assignments for practice and understanding and he always ready with solutions for even the most trivial of doubts His classes are very effective to both beginners and experts/the experienced. It was truly a great experience to learn from him. A very humble and unassuming person, Mr Prasad Natarajan is a wonderful artist and an excellent teacher.

Thank You very Much Sir!

Arundhathi Chander,

Teacher, The Brigade School, Bangalore

“I must say that I never expected wildlife art to encompass so much science. Your way of gathering knowledge of the bird's structure and reproducing it on paper satisfying both art and scientific anatomy was truly amazing. I liked the vast yet digestible exposure you had offered in a single day during the workshop. Plus, you made the formidable bird sketches look fairly doable with practice by condensing them into circle-and-stick figures”

Yazhini Sathya, Coimbatore

(Workshop Participant)

Your session helped me to strengthen the lines, particularly vertical lines. Ideas like Contour drawings improved my hand-eye coordination a lot. it is really a stress buster too.
I really enjoyed improving my skills with your guidance and all the exercises were really useful to sharpen the skills.
Looking forward for your next session.

Dinesh Balakrishnan, Award winning Wildlife Photographer,

Cartoonists, Bangalore

It was pleasure talking to you and learning from you the art of bird sketching. I am glad to say that although I have been an amateur bird photographer for almost 5 years now but I had never seen the birds before the way I would see them now after attending your workshop. The techniques I have been introduced in the session will help me in long run to improve my bird sketching and drawing skills. Another point which I would like to appreciate that it was a one on one session and I had plenty of time to clear my doubts and interact for good.


Thank you again for your time and sharing the valuable information that I will help me take my bird sketching to next level.

Rohit Arora,

Wildlife Photographer

Working with Prasad was a delight from day one. He immediately and proactively took our over-complicated initial concept and both simplified and improved it. Throughout the project, he was flexible, communicative, and responsive. He quickly understood our needs and worked with us to provide original artwork for a book cover. The project differed from his usual commissions, but he took it all in his stride. We have no hesitation in recommending him most highly. (Author and Deixis Press)


Marc Joan, Biomedical scientist/Author,

United Kingdom

Prasad Natarajan is an extremely dedicated artist. He has shown exemplary courage, something all artists need not just in working very hard on his own artworks but also his sincere commitment to conservation art. He teaches nature drawing, photography and encourages many people including adults to nurture art. His dedication is evident in his regular hosting of AWN, not giving up to financial constraints and encouraging many young new aspirants to display their work. His work is versatile encompassing field drawings, poetry, pencil drawing and acrylics. His work is very fine and he deserves all accolades and success. 


Meena Subramaniam (Award Winning Nature Artist)

Kerala, India

I first met Prasad on Facebook a few years ago and have since become very impressed with his zeal and devotion to depicting India's indigenous wildlife in his artwork, as well as his enthusiasm for bringing not only his, but other Indian artists artwork into the limelight by coordinating exhibitions which helps raise awareness of viewers to the wonders of the flora and fauna of India. I am a proud owner of one of his brilliant sketches!


Jan Martin Mcquire International Wildlife Artist, Naturalist, Conservationist

Author- JOURNEY and Wolves,Foxes & Coyotes Mount Meru, Tanzania

Month long course of Master Animal Art technique was very well designed. First week’s exercise was simple line exercises but when I started doing those lines I understood the importance. Second week Scribble art, art through grid, deconstructing the birds to its basic shapes, understanding every posture was very very helpful.

I would like to sincerely thank you Prasad Natarajan sir for taking us through this journey and connecting us to the detailed analysis of birds.

Waiting for the next set of modules.

Vidya Viswanath,

Teacher, The Brigade School, Bangalore

I am extremely happy that I joined this course. You have always been my inspiration and now you hold a special place to me as my first mentor in my art journey.

This course has helped me a lot in refining my skill. Now I know how to view pictures in a simplified way and then compose my own artwork with different gestures.

I liked the way manual was prepared and it was helpful but I felt, if there was a small video of you doing each or at least the difficult ones, would have been great. Maybe, you can consider that for the next level.

Thank you so much.

Bijee Thomas, Artist


Thank you Prasad for sharing your immense knowledge and experience. The Basic course has given me new skills beyond my expectations. I can now approach this subject with more confidence and understanding due to your training.
I can wholeheartedly recommend to everyone to take up the opportunity to study with you they will gain so much due to the method you use in teaching and your interest to help your students gain as much as possible from the course. I now look forward to applying these skills and have all the course information to assist me.

With heartfelt appreciation thank you.

Susan Davis, Artist,

United Kingdom

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