about the artist

Prasad Natarajan

Prasad Natarajan born in 2nd April 1983, he is Bangalore based wildlife artist and founder of Artist for Wildlife and Nature (AWN). He has been working on wildlife art from 2005.

He is one of India’s acclaimed wildlife artist, art mentor and featured in many leading wildlife magazines. He travels around the world to study his subjects’ behavior in their natural habitat. Gathering as much information as possible through images and field sketches enables him to depict his subjects as accurately as possible. These sketches and images later transform into finished works at his studio Mango Grove Art Gallery/Studio. He works in all mediums. His style of work is impressionist realism.

Professional Credentials

  • Contributed to the successful first of its kind all India ” AWN Annual show 2017/18″, 2018/19″ and 2019 /20 held at Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore.
  • Organized “Artists for Birds” group show July 2018/19.
  • Organized “AWN Miniatures” group show July 2019.
  • Featured in BNHS Hornbill magazine and calendar among top 20 Indian wildlife artists.
  • My works are in permanent collections of wildlife artists and art collectors around the world.
  • Artwork published in “Indian Birds” June 2020 cover page. Back cover July 2020.
  • Interview appeared in Karnataka’s leading weekly Sudha magazine.
  • Represented India-Wild Cats in the “Republic of Cats – Cat cafe “Republic of Cats” St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Work printed on Indian Postcard on the occasion of World Sparrow Day, April 2023.
  • Educational institutes and nature related organizations invite me to deliver lectures on nature art.
  • My Wildlife photographs have won awards and are published in international dallies.
  • I have been featured Wildlife Artist in All India Radio Bangalore talk show.
  • Authored a poetry book “Ruthu Sandesh” a collection of 40 nature poems with 7 illustrations.
  • Curated Asia’s first international wildlife virtual art exhibition in 2020.
  • Mentoring hundreds of art enthusiasts through both online and offline mentoring programs.
  • Participated in WILDART 2022 – The magic world of wildlife International Animalistic Exhibition, Novosibirsk – St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Featured in “The Best Indian illustrators” 2022 edition from Creative Gaga. 
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