The visual media of creative expression has always held appeal to me than the verbal or written communication.

I have been passionate about art since I was a child and indulged in pen and ink drawings, illustrations and renderings, honing my skills as I mature. In the many years of childhood to adulthood, I have experimented with various media, including graphite pencil, watercolor, acrylics and oil. Printmaking has held a special allure for me too.

As a professional artist, I have spent many hours dabbling in various mediums, puts one’s emotions on a pendulum, swinging between frustration and satisfaction. The frustration arises when I am unable to express my ideas in the most effective creative way possible and a feeling of satisfaction and relief when I find that an artwork has emerged to fill me and the patron with inner happiness. My time away from the easel or drawing board leaves me feeling anxious and rendering and drawing fill me with the aim to learn something new everyday. Interesting compositions, challenging color palettes and narratives are what I seek out as an artist.

My deep love and passion for wildlife and nature have often led me to sketch as much as I can in plein air, spending time with an individual species, be it a flowering bush, a bird or a mammal and increasing my ability to observe and do quick field sketches is most necessary for me to realize an effective final art work that would stop a viewer in his/ her tracks and give it another look.

I believe art is one of the most important mediums to foment change in the world and the perception of nature and wilderness. I consider myself very fortunate to contribute in this endeavor!