Commissioned Book Cover

Commissioned Book Cover – Completed! Just completed my first book cover for author Marc Joan and publisher Deixis Press! First and foremost I would like to thank fellow artist Nirupa

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Bird Illustrations

Final Summon!

Final Summon! Title:Final Summon!House Sparrow Male Head Study!6.9×5.6 inchesMaterials: Coffee

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Barking Deer Study!

Ashy Prinia Study_2(Prinia socialis) Title:Barking Deer Study!Indian muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak)Medium:

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Bird Illustrations

Red Eye 4!

Red Eye 4! Title:Red Eye 4!Indian eagle-owl(Bubo bengalensis)Medium: Reynolds Ball

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Prasad Natarajan
Prasad Natarajan

Rediscovering Nature: Wildlife Blogger, Artist and photographer

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About Prasad Natarajan

Prasad actively works on Wildlife artwork, He is a blogger and a photographer, Also conducting workshops

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