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Paddyfield Pipit Study

Product Info

Species: Paddyfield Pipit
Medium: Pen on paper
Size: 10.4×10.4 inches


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  • Pen on paper


About the Artwork

  • Species: Paddyfield Pipit Male. Here in this study, the male is putting up a threat display while mistakenly I entered too close to his nesting area. I backed off immediately and sat at a man-made bund watching the pair guard their territory from many predators. They use this display to ward off other males and predators, incase the predator gets too close, the pair launch an attack. Now, don’t ask me how I know about this!


  • Inches: 10.4 x 10.4
  • Centimeters:26.41 x 26.41


  • Artwork is original and comes with authenticity certificates.


  • Based on the country the shipping or postal/courier cost will be communicated.
  • Artworks come without a frame, rolled in a PVC tube.
  • Inside India based on the state postal/courier cost will be communicated.


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