#WorldWildlifeDay March 4th of every year is celebrated has World wildlife day, thought of sharing one of my pen works of this elusive Desert Cat (Felis silvestris ornate). During my visit to Little Rann of Kutch in 2014, the second day of the safari was one of the most memorable one till date. Got to watch Indian desert fox(Vulpes vulpes pusilla) attempting to hunt Chestnut-bellied sandgrouse’s (Pterocles exustus). Say about three to four failed attempts, their synonymous vertical jumps before pouncing on the grouse was something I had only watched on the television till date.
Once it started to get dark we left the park and somehow lost our way to our homestay, navigating through many little sand roads and few house, we suddenly reached an open farmland. With the headlight of the jeep concentrating on two shinning jewels in the dark. Our guide screamed in excitement. It was a cream sand textured small feline trying to pull out a soft reddish brown tail from the ground.
It was a Desert Cat hunting an Indian sand boa (Eryx johnii) the next few minutes were no less than magic, the cat’s claws dug deep into the body of the snake, pulling it out of its borrow and biting the head first. With the help of the headlight of the jeep, we were able to witness the entire sequence that followed.
Later that year, I got to witness these cats again during the day, spent few quiet moments with them and made ample images. One of which I made this pen study.
Being on the field is a luxury that I now realize during these testing times, mother nature is both tender, harsh at the same time. She knows to pamper at the same time punish. There are so many mysteries and wonders that we have no clue about our own planet.

We are mere travelers on this planet and don’t own it for ourselves, we share it with our fellow beings. If we can’t live in harmony and don’t learn to co-exist, we will have to pay heavy price for our ignorance, it will not only be limited to us but will also affect the future generations to come!

Indian desert cat (Felis silvestris ornata)
Title:Penance 18!
Medium: Reynolds Ball pen
Size:6×6 inches
Duration: 8 hours
August 21st, 2019
Location:Greater rann of kutch,Gujarat,India
Reference:Own Image!
In Private collection!

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Prasad Natarajan
Prasad Natarajan

Rediscovering Nature: Wildlife Blogger, Artist and photographer.

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