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Product Info

Species: Bengal Tiger Cub
Medium: Graphite on paper
Size:22.5×15 inches


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  • Graphite on paper


   About the Artwork

  • Species: Bengal Tiger Cub. December 2005 I applied a week leave from office, ignorant about forest reserves or how safaris work. Was eager to visit the forests and go on a safari. Hired a private cab, my dad and I visited locations inside Karnataka. Didn’t even have a proper camera to click images. First, we visited Kabini assuming that one could walk-in and get the reservations and go on a safari. Upon arrival at the gate, the security asked us for the reservation ticket. I was naïve and enquired if one would make a reservation upon arrival. He giggled and informed me that reservations were to be done many months in advance. We left with disappointment, on our way back visited H D Kote, watched few wild elephant’s early morning. We visited Coorg, Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary and Bandipur. We booked the safari in Bandipur and my heart was beating at jet speed in excitement.
    We got to watch Grey Langur, Indian Monitor Lizard, few birds apart from the Indian peafowl, I didn’t know their names. The Spotted Deer stamp their feet with tail up, the guide and the driver’s eyes were glued in the direction. My fellow safari goers got their camera settings ready. From the thicket, a young tigress appeared and all the camera went berserk. Except mine, I tried to switch on my tiny point and shoot, it wouldn’t turn on. After few anxious moments. I requested the guide to help me out, he tried all he could and told me that my batteries hand dried out.
    Luckily, I was carrying spare batteries, by the time one could change the batteries, the tigress was walking to a water hole. The jeep reversed and sped in that direction. At the water hole we got to watch the tigress again, she made a quick dash hack to the thickets and returned. It was unusual for her to do so however she had her reasons. She came back with three cubs. My first sighting at Bandipur is a memorable and here I wish to portray that curious moment form one of the cubs.


  • Inches: 22.5 x 15
  • Centimeters: 57.15 x 38.10


  • Artwork is original and comes with authenticity certificates.


  • Based on the country the shipping or postal/courier cost will be communicated.
  • Artworks come without a frame, rolled in a PVC tube.
  • Inside India based on the state postal/courier cost will be communicated.


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