We celebrate 5th June of every year as World Environment Day, on this important day thought of sharing about my recent sighting and good news.

Another one of my charcoal study work selected for the Owls of India book project!

There was a sighting of it in a Botanical garden inside Bangalore, I missed that chance dearly, because of personal reasons in 2016/2018. Search for this owl took me to the jungles of Western and Central India however, it eluded me for many years. Most photographers, who were not interested in birds, saw it during their break time from watching the striped cat or the stripe-less cat. (Namely Panthera tigris and Panthera leo persica)

After searching for few years to get a proper glimpse of it, just before this year’s lockdown. I got to spend ample time with this owl on the outskirts of Bangalore.

What more, got to watch two juveniles and an adult during the day. Words can’t express my excitement, glad to have seen them in Bangalore. Hoping the young ones made it to their first year safely!

Had stopped working with charcoal for years, picked them up for one of my recent online workshop. What was a study for a painting developed into a therapy of sorts. Enjoyed working on the foliage, which took me more time than the bird itself. Working with charcoal after many years, it was challenging in the beginning however in couple of days I got test its pros and cons. Working from free hand sketches rather than tracing from photographs was also an exceptional learning experience.

Title: Mottled wood owl study!
Mottled wood owl(Strix ocellata)
Medium: Charcoal on paper
11×15 inches,180GSM
Duration: 42 hours
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Reference: Own Image
You can purchase this beautiful artwork from my online store! 

Prasad Natarajan
Prasad Natarajan

Rediscovering Nature: Wildlife Blogger, Artist and photographer.

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