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  • Pen on paper


   About the Artwork

  • Species: It is always great to watch these these Munia's at the grassland and farmlands around the lake, Hoskote lake never disappoints.
    They get their name from the distinct scale-like feather marking on their breast and belly. The adult is brown above and has a dark conical bill.
    This munia eats mainly grass seeds apart from berries and small insects. They forage in flocks and communicate with soft calls and whistles. The species is highly social and may sometimes roost with other species of munias. This species is found in tropical plains and grasslands. Breeding pairs construct dome-shaped nests using long grass or bamboo leaves.


  • Inches: 5.8 x 8.3
  • Centimeters: 14.73 x 21.08


  • Artwork is original and comes with authenticity certificates.


  • Based on the country the shipping or postal/courier cost will be communicated.
  • Artworks come without a frame, rolled in a PVC tube.
  • Inside India based on the state postal/courier cost will be communicated.


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