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Product Info

Species: Grey Heron
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 30×20 inches canvas


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  • Acrylic on Canvas


   About the Artwork

  • Species: Grey Heron. For “Birds of Bangalore” self-funded art project, used to make frequent visits to Hoskote lake, commonly sighted bird at that lake is this Grey heron. Common birds are usually ignoring ones however their encounter up close is something to cherish. While watching birds from dawn to dusk watching the weavers build their nests, the cormorants fight for their freshly caught fish, the sun basking Darter, the handsome Brahminy kite, the colorful Munia’s in the reeds, the Swifts and the Swallows, the Warblers, the Rollers, the Shrikes, including the Crakes, it was a phenomenal birding day with over 96 species recorded. While i sat sketching the reeds, heard the Coots splashing, rushing out of the thick reeds.
    It was getting dark, with excitement I eagerly looked forward for the encounter with this hunter from the thick reeds. The Grey Heron slowly made his way out, it is one of those close encounter that i wish to portrait. Image used is free reference image, reeds are done from my field sketches.


  • Inches: 30 x 20
  • Centimeters:76.2 x 50.8


  • Artwork is original and comes with authenticity certificates.


  • Based on the country the shipping or postal/courier cost will be communicated.
  • Artworks come without a frame, rolled in a PVC tube.
  • Inside India based on the state postal/courier cost will be communicated.


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