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Product Info

Species: Spotted Owlets
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 30×24 inches canvas


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  • Acrylic on Canvas


   About the Artwork

  • Species: Spotted Owlets. Bharatpur bird sanctuary is a birdwatcher’s paradise, after many years of contemplation whether to visit or not. In 2014 finally made it to the haven, it was dream come true. Late evening just, visited the college campus area, were spotted owlets were regularly sighted. These owlets are highly territorial and stay put at a spot for longer durations. Though common, during my 4 days of stay, visited them on all days and tried to capture their emotions. From those hundreds of images always wanted to portrait the yawning owlet. However, the other predator emotion was missing, hence seeked permission from Vipul Ramanuj which had the exact emotion i was looking for. That should explain the title of the work, transition of warm to cool, evil to good or for that matter the various personalities within a single individual and all the hidden emotions in the background is all I wish to convey through this work.


  • Inches: 30 x 24
  • Centimeters:76.2 x 60.96


  • Artwork is original and comes with authenticity certificates.


  • Based on the country the shipping or postal/courier cost will be communicated.
  • Artworks come without a frame, rolled in a PVC tube.
  • Inside India based on the state postal/courier cost will be communicated.


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